Hungry Lamu Horror

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly cute atmosphere. In Hungry Lamu you control the protagonist and antagonist. Therefore, the actions of one affects the ending for the other. Accordingly, this is a rather unusual and atypical solution.

It is this fact that attracts many fans of this genre. You are capable of influencing the story with even minor changes on the part of one of the characters and thus seeing the changes when you are the other character.

Contrast Change

When you control Hungry Lamu, who is the antagonist by the way, the surroundings seem pretty nice. You are traveling through a bright forest that has a variety of fruits. There is an orange, an apple and a pear. Before you had a chance to see a banana, that was some kind of training for you. You just have to eat them.

But for starters, oddly enough, you have to find them and kill them. Therefore, look for axes, hives and other items in the location. Later, you have the opportunity to use them to eventually get to the food. It is necessary for you to find exactly the right items for a particular situation.

Later, when you find everyone, the narrator who accompanied you throughout the game is surprised that you are still looking for food. Then everything transforms. You are now in first person control of the character. You have a flashlight in your hand that is going to light your way through the dark forest.

In principle, the atmosphere becomes rather gloomy. Somewhere around the location, the animal continues to run in search of you. At this stage, you are a friend of those fruits that have previously suffered from the paws of an animal. Your task is to discover their bodies. Therefore, try to remember where friends of the protagonist were when you saw all from above in 2D.

What Determines Outcome?

Further, in the story, you need to look for a car in which it is possible for you to leave. But there is one thing! If you broke it when you were a llama, then you will have a negative ending. In this case, the animal will eventually overtake you and the game is going to end there.

In the second case, if you did not interact with the car in any way at the beginning, then when you are the anthropomorphic fruit, then you can leave without any problems. And it is a positive outcome of events. Not for your friends, of course, but for you for sure.

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