Hungry Lamu 2

Pretty short, but very interesting and unusual frightening adventure. In Hungry Lamu you have to try yourself as those who hunt and those who are being pursued. This is quite an exciting decision, since it is possible for you to influence the outcome of events in this way.

Therefore, check it out and try to get all available endings. According to the plot, you control a llama who wants to eat so much. On your way you are able to find fruits. But since they understand that you perceive them as food, they start to run away and hide.

Now you need to discover them. When you do this, it is necessary to look for items with which it is possible for you to get to them. Now all you have to do is eat. Therefore, discover everyone and dispose of them to move on to the next stage.

Dark forest

In the process of adventures, the actions of Hungry Lamu are commented on by the narrator. When you find an anthropomorphic orange, pear and apple, he is shocked that the llama is still hungry. Then the atmosphere will change dramatically.

Foremost, it is worth mentioning that there is a change of view. You are now playing in first person. And since before that you could see it from above, you will need to remember where everything is according to some landmarks.

Secondly, before that all seems to be as cute and harmless as possible. And in principle, it is not clear that you are playing this genre. But as soon as the next stage starts, the atmosphere changes to a darker and gloomier one. And it becomes really horrifying.

You are now in control of one of the fruits that is looking for its friends, just eaten by the llama among other things. You have a flashlight in your hand, which is your only source of light besides the campfire.

Your task is to look for all the bodies of the character’s friends and most importantly do not fall into the paws of the animal. In this instance, everything has a chance to be over for you, because you have become dinner.

Outcomes You Can Get

It is worth mentioning that it all depends on whether the car is broken at the beginning or not. In the first case, the character is not able to escape, and the game has a negative outcome, in the second, all ends up more than wonderful.

Since the game is quite short, many people who really liked the concept began to wonder about the release of the sequel. While it is not known exactly whether it will or not, it is worth noting that it turned out to be a rather difficult and terrible survival.

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