Hungry Lamu

A rather unusual and atypical horror game in which you have to play as both an antagonist and a protagonist. What actions of the first influence the second. Therefore, if you want to get all the outcomes of events, then you need to think about how one action affects another.

Go For Fruit

It all starts with the fact that you play as Hungry Lamu, who walks around the map in search of food. Accordingly, your movements and process at all are also commented on by the narrator. Everything looks pretty nice and nothing portends trouble. But remember, this is not a cute adventure!

On the way, you may come across a banana that lies peacefully on the ground and yet does not suspect anything. But in order to feast on it, you initially need to find a stone to kill it. Pretty cruel, but the only way the character doesn’t starve.

Further on your path there will be a tent camp, where a pear, an apple and an orange have gathered around the fire. They will start to run away from you and hide in different places. Therefore, now your task is to find them, and after that get rid of them to eat.

To do this, it is necessary for you to explore the map and look for an ax, a beehive, and a burning branch. Use these items on the anthropomorphic fruits that are hiding, and then it is possible for you to get to them. When you complete all the necessary actions, it turns out that you are still not satisfied. Therefore, then everything changes drastically.

Dark Atmosphere

After that, you begin to control the character from the first person. The atmosphere becomes quite gloomy compared to what it was at the beginning. Therefore, this contrast attracts many users. And it is quite an interesting solution because at the beginning you don’t expect that something bad has a chance to happen. Therefore, you are too relaxed and not ready for the fact that something terrible can happen. That’s why it is necessary for you to be on the alert.

Now this is a friend of the victims who were overtaken by Hungry Lamu. First you need to discover all their bodies, while trying not to fall into the clutches of the llama. It is definitely not friendly towards you. Because it perceives you only as food. And nothing may stop it on the way to its goal.

Further, it all depends on whether you broke the car when you controlled the llama or not. In the first case, you have to find that the vehicle is out of order and then the antagonist will overtake you. In the second case, it is possible for you to escape by leaving there. Therefore, if you are interested, then try to look at two outcomes of events.

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