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Hungry Lamu

It all starts with the fact that you play as Hungry Lamu, who walks around the map in search of food. Accordingly, your movements and process at all are also commented on by the narrator. Everything looks pretty nice and nothing portends trouble. But remember, this is not a cute adventure!
On the way, you may come across a banana that lies peacefully on the ground and yet does not suspect anything. But in order to feast on it, you initially need to find a stone to kill it. Pretty cruel, but the only way the character doesn’t starve.

Hungry Lamu Game Play Online

Hungry Lamu is a game that seems pretty cute at first glance. But in fact, this is a rather interesting horror that attracts many users just the same with this ambiguity. There is a narrator here, which is just the same and orients the player at the beginning. Therefore, the gameplay here is quite simple. That’s why you have a chance to understand controls really fast.

Character Change

It is worth mentioning that there is a top-down view and the player controls the main antagonist. The Narrator also tells us that the character is hungry and therefore needs to go in search of food. Along the way, you can meet a banana and eat it. But it is worth noting that it is necessary for you to kill him. And later you have to go further.

After that, you can discover a camp with other fruits. There is a pear, an orange and an apple which are anthropomorphic in appearance. They begin to hide from you, after which you have to find them. To do this, it is necessary for you to use items that are scattered around the map. These are an ax, a burning branch and a beehive. They need to be used not just randomly, but against a specific character.

When the player is done looking for their victims, the narrator will then comment on everything that just happened. But the story itself will be in a rather sweet and harmless way. After that, it turns out that the antagonist still feels hungry.

Then the atmosphere changes dramatically. Now the process of playing takes place in the first person. You are in a forest which is dark, and the only light here is a campfire and your flashlight. Accordingly, you play as one of the fruits, who noticed that his friends were not in the camp and went in search of them.

Your task is to discover the bodies of the rest and try not to fall into the clutches of an antagonist who really wants to eat you. Therefore, make an effort to quickly find those places where you killed them for a gluttonous animal. It is fast and merciless. Otherwise, if you hesitate, the game ends for you, because you have a chance to be found and eaten.

Conditions For The Ending

It is also worth mentioning that there are two outcomes of events here. Accordingly, they directly depend on what you may do as a lama. In the first case, if you break the car, the protagonist will not be able to leave it. Then the lama may get to him sooner or later. And then you have the opportunity to receive one of the outcomes of events.

Secondly, if you leave the car untouched, then when you play as the protagonist, you need to quickly look for it. Thus, it is possible for you to sit in it and get a positive outcome. Therefore, make an attempt to have two of them. It is not a very long story about a lama who always starves, but it is quite exciting and rather atypical.

Many users liked the game for this change of atmosphere. Because initially nothing portends trouble. And then things become pretty dark. Therefore, try to be careful not to be taken by surprise. Otherwise, you meet a screamer, which may appear quite unexpectedly. Therefore, don’t get discouraged.